Turbine- High Precision Turbine Meter Fluxi 2000/TZ

Turbine High Precision Turbine Meter Fluxi 2000 Tz

- Turbine meters are flow meters that are used for extremely accurate measurement of medium to high gas flow at low, medium or high pressure.

- Fluxi 2000/TZ meters, suitable for natural gas and various filtered and non-corrosive gases, are designed to measure medium to high gas flow at low, medium or high pressure.

- With accuracy exceeding standard requirements and low sensitivity to irregularities in the gas flow, these meters have been optimised for use in all applications connected with the transportation and distribution of gas.

- They are approved for fiscal use.
- The Itron Fluxi meters are part of the "c" series, equipped as standard with the Cyble™ target

Features + Benefits:

+ Key Features:

    - Flow rate: from 5 m³/h to 10000 m³/h
    - DN50 to DN500 mm
    - Flanging: ISO PN10 to ISO PN110, ANSI 150 to ANSI 600
    - Equipped as standard with the Cyble™  target

+ Main Benefits:

    - PTB approved with only a 2 DN inlet straight pipe, and 0 DN outlet pipe, even with severe perturbation
    - Compliant with all current European and International Standards
    - Excellent high pressure behaviour
    - Minimal pressure loss
    - Various options available: Thermowells, oil pump, pulse transmitters...