Rotary - Delta

Rotary Delta

- Rotary meters are volumetric, and are used by customers needing very accurate measurement when gas flows can be low or irregular.

- They offer excellent long term  meteorological stability under all installation conditions

- Itron rotary meters are used when very accurate measurement is required in circumstances where the gas flow can be low or irregular.

- Because of its volumetric principle, the Delta™ meter's metrology is not influenced by installation conditions.

- Consequently, it can be used to build very compact stations without installing a straight pipe inlet in front of the meter. Delta meters are approved for fiscal use.
- The Itron Delta meters are part of the "c" series, equipped as standard with the Cyble™ target.

Features + Benefits:

+ Key Features:

     - Flow rate: from 0.25 m³/h to 1000 m³/h
     - DN40 to DN150 mm
     - Flanging: ISO PN10 to ISO PN110, ANSI 125 to ANSI 600
     - Equipped as standard with the Cyble™ target

+ Main Benefits:

     - Excellent long term metrological stability, confirmed by customers
     - Metrology not influenced by installation conditions nor stop-and-go flow rate
     - Large rangeability up to 200:1 approved by the PTB, NMI and other official bodies
     - Minimal pressure loss
     - Available in aluminium, ductile iron or steel for all applications