Diaphragm Metering - "A" Series (675A, 800A, 1000A)

Diaphragm Metering A Series 675a 800a 1000a

- Diaphragm meters utilize positive displacement measurement principle.

- They are designed for commercial and small industrial requirements and for flexible metering in low-pressure systems with a high measuring range.

- The Itron “A” Series commercial gas diaphragm meters comprise a range of positive displacement gas measurement devices with capacities 675 to 1000 ft3 hr.

- Ideally suited for higher capacity commercial metering requirements.

+ Features + Benefits:
- Weighing 25% less than competitive models, the 800A and 1000A meters are desired for their smaller footprint and lightweight construction and retrofit into any meter set within its capacity range. 

- The 675A, 800A and 1000A gas meters are built and tested according to ANSI B109.2 standards and are compatible with leading AMR/AMI devices.

- Long life and low maintenance are assured by the combination of a self-lapping orbital valve, single convolution diaphragms, and die-cast aluminum casings. 

- The Easy Turn (ET) top option allows 2 to 3 times more wrench swing than the competition –making the Itron 675A, 800A, and 1000A ‘ET’ gas meters the easiest and safest to install.