RF 1


- The RF1's long-term metrology stability makes it the solution of choice for high residential consumption or gas distribution applications.

- The RF1 range of gas meters meet strict metrological requirements including O.I.M.L and EN1359, and more than 25 national metrological standards.

- Thanks to its superior design, the use of high quality materials, its accuracy and production in modern facilities, the RF1 is highly appreciated by customers. 
- The RF1 is part of our "c" series of meters - coming equipped with the Cyble™ and "e" series with an electronic index. 

Features + Benefits

+ Key Features:

     - 2 dm³ cyclic volume
     - Range G1.6, G2.5, G4 & G6
     - MID (PTB) / DVGW approved
     - EN1359 & O.I.M.L compliant
     - Mechanical, AMR ready or electronic index available

+ Main Benefits:

     - Compact size

     - High resistant corrosion protection

     - Recognised long-term accuracy & reliability

     - Flexible and future-proof solution

     - Smart metering ready with Cyble totaliser or electronic index


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