Metris - 250

Metris 250

- The METRIS 250 gas meter is uniquely constructed to give utilities the edge they need in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace. 

- It is designed to increase your customer’s satisfaction and reduce your total costs by providing reliable performance and long-term measurement accuracy for residential applications. 

- The METRIS 250 gas meter meets ANSI B109.1 standards for a 250 class meter and is compatible with leading AMR/AMI devices.


Features + Benefits


- The METRIS 250 offers three versions that provide greater configuration flexibility for your metering needs.

- The METRIS 250 gas meter can retrofit into any standard residential set. It incorporates one piece, seamless, convoluted diaphragms, lubrication-free bearing surfaces and die cast aluminum construction. Installers appreciate the space-saving design and lightweight construction of the METRIS.

- The METRIS RM is designed to offer utilities a total measurement application while providing exactly what the homeowner wants: a clean, simple installation and aesthetics without bulk. The RM solution reduces the number of connections, the amount of piping associated with typical meter sets while minimizing installation time. As a result, the utility’s time and work force investment is reduced.

- The METRIS RM continues a long held tradition of being the only combination regulator/meter product offered for over 70 years with the following benefits:
- Integral full performance regulator with meter bar
- Pressure taps on manifold
- Lett property frontage
- Solves troublesome meter location issues
- The performance of a traditional residential meter in an innovative design

- The METRIS MB gas meter is perfect for applications where space concerns of the utmost importance.  The back inlet and back outlet configuration allows for tight multiple meter sets and metering with ease in multi-family units or high-rise apartment closets.  Removing the piping associated with a standard six inch meter allows for more residential living space.

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