Smart Payment Gas Meter

Gas Meter Rf1 I V Psc

- The RF1 i V PSC meter features the RF1 meter which is installed in more than 6 million locations worldwide.

- Enhanced with a Payflex Smartcard Token, it offers a wide selection of flexible applications.

- The microprocessor-based Smartcard provides low cost, secure two-way communication between the point-of-sale and the installed meter.

- The revenue collection module offers innovative, customer-friendly functions such as "no-disconnect" periods. It also provides fraud detection and broad tariff flexibility.


Features + Benefits:

+ Key Features:

    - Self billing meter (Pay as you go & Prepayment modes)
    - Data logging store up 720 index and last 60 events (Alarms and actions)
    - EN1359 & O.I.M.L. compliance
    - Two-way communication meter with internal valve

+ Main Benefits:

    - Self-decommissioning, and emergency credit functions
    - Overflow control and Fraud detection

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